Spice rack Oven/Stove Spice Rack


**Handcrafted and Made to Order** This over the stove spice rack is a perfect feature for a rustic style home looking to "spice" things up a bit. Display your oils or spices in glass containers for an even better presentation. Gives the ease of use to the cook with everything in sight! Save space in your cupboards and utilize the dead space above your cooktop. There are THREE depths that you can choose from! 3.5" or 5.5" or 7.5"!. This can be determined by measuring out from the back of your wall. If you want a larger shelf, choose the 5.5 or 7.5"! the 3.5" is currently shown. The 5.5 is perfect if there is a gap behind your oven or want a little extra room for spices or anything else you may want to put on your shelf. The 7.5" is for the extra large gaps and those who want a lot of room! To ensure that the product will fit your oven, please measure the height from your countertop to the highest part of your oven. Also, please measure the width of your oven. Those two dimensions will ensure that you get the product that will fit your home. Please see the last picture for where to measure. This makes for a great gift for the person that has everything. Or for the small house/apartment that needs a little more storage. Or just for the little touch of rustic needed to add to the perfect home. Order this today and it will ship quickly! A great product, Customer service and convenience is my priority. Enjoy!


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    It’s not good to store spices so close to the stove. The heat and moisture from cooking causes spices to lose their effectiveness.

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