Crack Keto Biscuits - Plain Chicken


Crack Keto Biscuits - Cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggs, baking powder, almond flour, cheddar, bacon, & ranch. SO good - even if you aren't doing keto!


  1. Posted by emmycurtis19, — Reply

    "crack" as an adjective has been around for hundreds of years, and means "elite", "excellent" or 'the best". For example... "a crack team of elite troops".

  2. Posted by simplysarah78, — Reply

    Definitely not "crack" but quite good. It was flavourful and moist. We were able to microwave it to softness the next week with a damp paper towel.

  3. Posted by doodlelub, — Reply

    I've drilled down in this site looking for the portion measurements for the listed ingredients, baking instructions, etc. and cannot find it. Did I just miss it?

  4. Posted by jabraham1663, — Reply

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  5. Posted by katieson2005, — Reply

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  6. Posted by amullenaux, — Reply

    I want to make these tonight, but realize I don’t have a package of ranch dressing mix. With all that’s going on (COVID19) I cannot just run to the store for one item. Can I use my own dry ranch dressing mix? Or would I ruin the whole recipe?

  7. Posted by xizan1979, — Reply

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  8. Posted by kharrel2, — Reply

    Yes I agree. Unfortunately I won’t pin this because it’s glorifying crack as if the drug did not ruin millions of lives.

  9. Posted by epon123, — Reply

    These are so amazing and microwave well throughout the week. Im going to skip the bacon next time since it got so chewy.

  10. Posted by rootheegee, — Reply

    these look yummy! (Wish they'd stop calling recipes "crack"! Like crack is supposed to be a good thing!

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