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  1. Posted by sparybgg, — Reply

    This is me after finishing a book, except when it ends with someone dying or going missing/getting kidnapped then I am just in fetal position crying in a corner...

  2. Posted by hecktotheno16, — Reply

    Yep, I’ve managed to perfect my I don’t care about anything attitude. As in, no matter what happens I don’t feel a thing, not happy, not sad. I’m just a void of nothingness. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Posted by NoriSempiternal, — Reply

    i just automatically respond: good or fine....and when i do that i am usually using the Neil Josten definition

  4. Posted by The_Names_Aster, — Reply

    Oh, so 'm in dis section 'o tumblr now. Welp, tic ta get goin, cuz dis sure ain’t ma bowl 'o cereal.

  5. Posted by CreatureOfTheDark, — Reply

    "Are you okay?" "I think so, actually no, wait yes, mmm no, yes I'm fine, no.... Alright I have no idea."

  6. Posted by mychemicaldepression, — Reply

    I’ve distanced myself so far from my pain that I can’t even feel anything anymore

  7. Posted by ableu052008, — Reply

    I honestly feel this. Like this is my mood. I’ve just distanced myself from my pain.

  8. Posted by elsarosie3, — Reply

    Especially right away in the morning, it's like idk I just woke up!

  9. Posted by RandomAnimeShipper, — Reply

    I instantly say, “Good” every time now without thinking

  10. Posted by bexsonwd8461, — Reply


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