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20 of the best and easiest ways to make your bathroom smell amazing and remove bad odors as well to have your bathroom smelling the best.


  1. Posted by michellelbraymiller1055, — Reply

    Absolutely do not do this. That's why they invented actual toilet bowl tablets for the tank! Do your research first. Not everything on Pinterest is actually factual.

  2. Posted by benardob1, — Reply

    Ffs people these are not good ideas. Even the oils you're adding for fragrance are probably damaging seals and other components that keep your toilet water from going where it shouldn't! Just buy the damn toilet bowl cleaner!

  3. Posted by cleanbreakjc, — Reply

    Fabric softener is bad for the washing machine so you may want to ask a plumber first before you need him to fix your toilet. $

  4. Posted by Babyaquaman, — Reply

    I DO NOT recommend putting fabric softener in your toilet tank. I read up about this - the way fabric softener works is that it leaves a film behind on your clothes. Putting it in your tank once or twice probably won’t do much harm, but that chemical can build up if you do it routinely and clog or damage your pipes. Not to mention how terrible it is for the environment.

  5. Posted by naturesway101, — Reply

    Fabric softener is a very bad idea! It is just like pouring grease down your drain. Always do your own research!

  6. Posted by flygirltwa, — Reply

    The same goes for fabric sheets. Buy the 100% wool balls and spritz with some Zum product spray. 100% natural.

  7. Posted by anetjen74, — Reply

    Hvor uforskammet at jeg skal være tvunget til at modtage flere “cookies” end de mest nødvendige 😠

  8. Posted by mompower1960, — Reply

    This whole article is a hoax. Do NOT believe that any of these ideas are good.

  9. Posted by shzr83, — Reply

    All this did when I clicked on it was bring up an ad, not cool.

  10. Posted by loualogan, — Reply

    Do not buy fabric softener in your toilet tank.

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